Jan 18 2015

“10 backcountry skiing tips you’ve never thought of” in GarageGrownGear’s online magazine

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Had another article published for GarageGrownGear.com’s Magazine.

Here’s an excerpt.  Click the link above for the full article

“There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.”

Adding skis is just adding weight to mountaineering, though the descent is far more exciting than walking down.

Some things about winter backcountry travel are obvious, or at least should be obvious – like carrying a beacon, shovel and probe and knowing how to use them, and watching avy conditions closely – but often the subtleties are just as important. Here are a few backcountry skiing tips I’ve learned from years of making turns in remote mountains.”

Stoked to be doing some writing. Want to do more.

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Jan 16 2015

“Golden Bear” 13,010′ Southwest Gully and Coon’s Saddle 1/15/2015

With the early January high pressure came a stabilizing of a lot of the alpine. We decided to take advantage of the refresh this week and get up high to play. It’s not very often that you can  ski a 13er in the winter, from the summit. This line was really fun and with the welded pack and 5-8′ on top this was a great option. The choke is around 40 degrees. You wouldn’t catch me in here normally but with how the pack is now I was a-ok with it. The day was beautiful so we went for another run. The bowl from the saddle of Coon Hill and Golden Bear is pretty mellow with a measured 33 degree angle off the ridge. The wind rippled snow was the softest. Thanks for a great tour Gary and Allison.

After the tour we headed to Red Fox North America in Lyons for Mark Kelly’s slideshow on his book “Backcountry Skiing and Ski Mountaineering in Rocky Mountain National Park” It was good to meet some of Mark’s old friends. Well done on the presentation as well. Red Fox will be carrying our books.

Enjoy the pics and I’m looking forward to getting after next week.

Thank you BCAGary says thanks tooBCA Float 42 first daySpot the ptarmiganAction birdCoon Hill in the backgroundUp the west side of 13010Wait which side should we be on?No rope to duck so its OK/Summit shotG MoneySoft snowThe chokeCool rocksNice long runYeah babyShot of the day I thinkLap twoAllison getting creativeTopping the ridgeI like this GaryStomped so hard my leg hurtsGary FondlIn his elementM'ladyDecent snowMy turnUpper and lower 2nd lapSkin Track and Gully from the tunnelMark Kelly Giterdun

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Jan 16 2015

Mt Bethel North Saddle Gully and Herman Gulch Trees 1/13/2015

After dropping off the kids at school we headed up to meet Gary Fondl and Justin Ibarra from Oz Snowboards along with Justin’s friend Nate, Allison rounded out the crew. The goal was a mellow tour with low 30 degree terrain. If it looked good up high we were going to see but the weather was cloudy so we stayed low. With all the high pressure of late the alpine has been doable. After grabbing the gully line we headed up to ski some steep tree chutes. We had trouble finding them on the traverse so we got in an extra lap. The steep trees were super fun and mostly stable. Digging illuminated that the more open areas might be an issue so we skied the tight lines where it was steep.

There’s other terrain on Bethel that I think I’ll be visiting in the near future.

North Saddle GullyFrom belowJustin Good to hang outGary FondlMe photo by Allison SeymorMe photo by Allison SeymorThe bottom of a spring projectThe tree chutesSteazy Justin

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Dec 28 2014

Ute Peak 12,303′ Berry Gulch 12/27/2014 and Holiday Turns

Me and Allison have been doing some skiing lately. We’ve hit Trelease, Loveland Pass, LCM, Berthoud Pass and Ute Peak. I went four in a row and Allison went 7 days in a row. Yesterday we woke up late and decided that we shouldn’t waste the beautiful bluebird skies. We jumped in the car and headed up to the trailhead. We got a super alpine start of 1pm. We knew we’d need our headlamps. The route from the Ute Pass Road heads up the ridge east of Berry Gulch. Our original goal was to ski the Northwest Ridge but the sun went down and it got very cold fast, it was already cold but this was different. So we decided to make our way down Berry Gulch. The main chute was reasonable from an angle perspective but there were plenty of steep slide paths that we skied under. It was a lot like the SKY Chutes but not as steep at the top. Skiing this line in a foot of pow was all time. The light throughout the tour was amazing and the views of the Gore Range were inspiring. Time to go back for more.

Enjoy the pics. Happy Holidays everyone. Be sure to hit the HD button in the settings.

Scary pit SE FacingMeadow skippingGood snowgreat lightsoft turnsheavy snowI love Peak 1Ute Peak's West SlopesUte's Northwest BowlNorth Ridge from the lot.Easy skinningBeatifulBerry Gulch in shadowsDecent stabilityThe GoreCloaked in cloudsPrairie has optionsFunky treeFunky stinky bootssnow ghostsBird house2,800' of trail breakingis this Canadamore ghostssun dogGore's peaking thruLove the Goremy favoritemini moonsunset lightnearing treelineso cold outlenticular couldthe change overBerry Gulchsunsertdroppingamazing powdon't get your skis wetheadlamp exit

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Dec 19 2014

Iceland Article and Photos in GarageGrownGear.com Magazine – “Somewhere Out of a Song”

I’ve agreed to do some writing for GarageGrownGear.com’s Magazine. This is the first of what I hope to be many articles.

Our Iceland trip was pretty fun but the weather there can be a bit of a pain. There is so much terrain to ski on this small island just south of the Arctic Circle. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Here’s the link to the article – http://read.garagegrowngear.com/iceland-ski-touring-photos/

And here’s a few more photos from the Iceland trip


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Dec 19 2014

J-Chute Trees and a Slideshow at Wilderness Sports in Dillon – 12/18/2014

Yesterday was pretty damn fun. We headed up 285 and did some business with the stores in Park County. The headed over the pass to Summit and did some business in Breck. Allison picked up the skis she designed for RMU/REI/Protect Our Winters and then we headed to Frisco to go get in a lap. He headed up the Mt Royal Trail and then to the top of J-Chute. There was good snow along the way and we thought it might provide the goods. There was a lot of recycled powder in there the last time we skied this zone and with the new snow I was expecting a bit of sluffing. Expectations were met and we stayed away from the J-Chute start zone. Sluff management in the trees means not getting fanned into a tree. It’s still thin out there but in the tighter trees the skiing was really good and the pack was more solid below the new accumulation.

Then we headed to the Boatyard for some dinner and some presentation preparations. Gotta love pizza and Breck Bourbon after skiing. After that we headed over to Wilderness Sports in Dillon for my slide show. Thanks to everyone that came out for it. Also a big thanks to Upslope Brewing for providing refreshments. I love talking about skiing and sharing my thoughts on getting it done. The quote that I couldn’t remember was:

“Good judgement is the result of experience and experience the result of bad judgement.”

Mark Twain

Something to think about when measuring whether you were lucky or good.

If you wanna check out a slideshow here’s the schedule – http://www.giterdunpublishing.com/slideshow-presentation-schedule/

Enjoy the photos


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Dec 12 2014

Loch Vale Rocky Mountain National Park Ice Climbing- 12/4/2014

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Got up for a fun day of climbing in the park last week. Glen it was good to meet you and Eli it was fun as usual. Shot some video this day as well and climbed the Ramp and Crystal Meth.

It’s pretty fun hanging from a rope and playing with the camera. Loving the angles.

Nothing like nice warm weather and no wind. It almost didn’t feel like RMNP ;) The music is by my old friend’s band Xanax 25. Miss you Jaik.



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Dec 03 2014

The Squid WI5 RMNP Ice – 11/22/2014

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Had some fun shooting pics in the sun the other day. Sorry this TR is so late.

We went up for the Squid in the Park. Rowdy line with rowdy wind. Not a bad way to spend the day. Afterwards we hit Bear’s Den. I didn’t even know that was a sport.

Fun learning a different aspect of things.



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Nov 12 2014

Alexander’s Chimney RMNP Ice Climbing Fun – 10/31/14

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Halloween is the time for ice climbing in Colorado. Got up for some fun on the flanks of Long’s Peak. Eli Helmuth, whose guidebook to the ice climbing in RMNP I’m publishing and Aaron joined me for some fun climbing in a classic line. We were doing a bunch of rigging and rapping so we only did the first couple pitches. There was also another group on the line. But it was super fun to get out and stretch the legs. Looking forward to many ice sessions with Eli as we start to get a ton of photos for his book. It was basically a training day. New boots and fresh off the couch or desk made for a tough day. My feet still hurt but I learned some things that I need to get the shot.

The ice this season is fat in the Park. But with the new snow choose your line wisely. The new snow came in with high winds so there are plenty of slabs lurking on top of the abundant facets we encountered.

Enjoy the shots.


_DSC0246IMG_5122_DSC0278_DSC0083approach_DSC0309bivy point_DSC0332_DSC0346_DSC0386_DSC0394Eli Helmuth_DSC0406_DSC0441_DSC0472_DSC0504_DSC0521_DSC0527_DSC0546_DSC0574_DSC0648_DSC0659_DSC0674_DSC0709_DSC0713crux 1 middle_DSC0734Alexanders crux 1_DSC0832_DSC0863_DSC0547_DSC0894_DSC0901_DSC0906_DSC0908_DSC0912_DSC0932_DSC0962_DSC0966_DSC0972Alexanders 1st Crux SecondChasm Lake Pano

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