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Out of high school I worked as an artist for many bands in the New York City music scene. I also printed and sold t-shirts with Darren Greene for Spin Doctors. After moving to Colorado in 1992 I continued working as an artist and opened a t-shirt printing business. I shut my doors in 1998 after getting pretty burnt out on doing art professionally. Now I’m back at it. I just illustrated a poetry book for Mason A Crow and am looking forward to other illustration projects. Please get in touch with me if you’d like me to do a project for you. Most recent projects first.

Stoked to announce “33” by Mason A. Crow, Illustrated by Fritz Sperry.

I’ve known Mason for 21 years now and when he approached me about designing his book of poetry I was stoked. It’s always fun to work with an old friend on a project. After getting the format together he said something that I was already thinking. This inspired me to run with an idea. I’ve always been partial to doodles. Just ask my high school teachers. This seemed to really fit with what we had laid out already. Being inspired by the writing also helped a lot. This project was so fun for me. So stoked to reconnect on such a level with such a long time friend. I think our mutual friend Jack would have been really stoked to see this. From those old days in CB to now. Cheers old friend 🙂

Below is the cover and a sample of one of the poems and illustrations.

33 Front Cover

33 Book Sample

Order the book here for $15.00 plus 8.5% tax and $5 shipping and handling. Item ships via US Postal Priority Mail. You may use paypal for checkout or contact orders@giterdunpublishing for check or money orders. Thanks

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