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Apr 30 2009

About Me

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My name is Fritz Sperry. I began skiing at about 4 or 5 at Bellayre Mtn in New York. I skied on and off every winter in the Catskills untill moving to New Hampshire when I was 15 to attend White Mountain School. I skied as many days as I could at Cannon Mountain and got my first taste of backcountry skiing on the closed slopes of Mittersil and on the Tucker Brook Trail. Then an epiphany happened when I went to Tuckermans Ravine at Mount Washington.

After 3 years working in the music industry fresh out of high school, I moved to Breckenridge. I did some competitions in the bumps and the steeps and moved on a few years later to Crested Butte. Seriously it’s the most beautiful town in America. The Elks truly inspire. Everyone that loves mountains should check this place out. I ended up breaking my self up pretty good and moved back to NYC for a while where I turned my focus to being a chef. Travels took me back to Denver for a spell and then on to St Louis. It was here that my 1st child was born. We returned to Colorado after 4 painful years away from the mountains and had another son.

Now entering my 26st season of backcountry skiing, I’ve really begun to sharpen my focus as far as the goals I want to achieve. I’m currently working on another skiing guide book for one of the more popular ranges in Colorado and hope to have that finished by Summer of 2013. This is the followup of my first guidebook “Makingturns in the Tenmile-Mosquito Range”. I’m also looking forward to expanding my range a little with adventures abroad. One of my goals that i’m bringing to the forefront will be yearly expeditions to the greater ranges. Stay tuned for these trips as they develop.

I now live in Lakewood and try and get out as much as I can. My older son has already started skiing and is becoming a little ripper. My little one is starting to get the hang of it as well

Enjoy and happy travels. Be safe and always remember that you need to come home after every trip. Hopefully I’ll see you out there.

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  1. mattkranephotoon 30 Mar 2010 at 12:07 PM

    hey, fritz. of course i remember you towing my wife out of that boreas pass snowbank…thanks again. got your message the very day, i believe, i was involved in a fairly high-speed collision after avy routes on 3-12. hit another patroller (believe that?) who was suspended for being a danger. blew us both out of our gear, have a rotator cuff contusion, but NO surgery. p.t. and acupuncture for a month…off skis, tho, ’til season’s end.
    how can i help you with your project?

  2. pdrileyon 24 Dec 2010 at 2:07 PM

    Hi Fritz,
    You met my wife Marinka at a b-day party, I think. My son Luka is in Calvin’s class. Cool website – love to get out skiing with you sometime, though I see you heels seem to be awfully fixed in place.

    Peter Riley

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