Jeff Davis Peak 12,771′ Northwest Couloir and Lehman Caves 6/7/2010

After Charleston it was nice to hang out with my brother. We went and had a nice dinner and had a decent but tired time in Vegas. After sleeping in I got out of town about 3 pm. I headed out of town and took the US93 route up to Great Basin National Park. The goal for tomorrow would be Jeff Davis and if it looked good Teresa Bowl from Wheeler. I grabbed some sweet pics of Wheeler at sunset on the way north. Then I headed to Baker and got a room in town.

I got up at the crack of 4am and got ready. Heading up the Wheeler Scenic Road it became apparent that Wheeler wasn’t in anymore. Oh well Jeff Davis it would be for today. I geared up and started skinning through the trees loosely following the Bristlecone Trail. It was stunning. The East Face of Wheeler dominated the views. The bristlecones gave the basin a primeval feeling. I snapped a ton of pics with a new(used) medium format camera that I recently won off ebay. The Mamiya 645 afd is about 1.5 lbs more than my Nikon but I thought the Snake Range would deserve it. I think that I was right.

I skinned over to the North Slopes of Jeff Davis and booted straight up. When I got to the top I was happy to see the condition of the Northwest Couloir. I had been planning to just ski the North Slopes but I was jonesing for something steeper. And oh boy was it good, though I wish it had gone to the valley floor it was still really nice to ski.

On the way back to Colorado I found out that my Mother-In-Law was sick so I blew off the next 2 days and headed home. 7 out of 10 days of great days in the mountain. Who could ask for more. Now it’s time to get focused on the kitchen. It’s been a great season for sure.

Wheeler Peak sunset shot from US 93
A look at Jeef Davis and Wheeler

Alpenglo on the the peaks
This one and the rest from the mountain were shot with the new Mamiya. I like it.
A look at the gully on the north slopes and the top of the NW Couloir
Making it into the basin
Sweet trees
Looking north to Mt Moriah
Skin Track Stoke
The top of the line. MMMMM
Looking down the line

Perfect creamy corn. So sweet

These skis are so fun. I love them
Lehman caves
This place was so cool
My kid thinks it looks like the snot cave
Kind of reminds me of the art/sets from Alien
Though snot might be about right
It was otherworldly
My son thinks this one looks like a monster city
I think its awesome
The famed Parachute Shield formation
A beautiful good bye from the Great Basin.


  1. The line has the potential for about 2200′ vert but this day I got about 1600′ due to melt out at the bottom. I’d say the steepest point is near the top at about 47 degrees then it scales back to about 40. It’s a very fun line with great “hallways walls” on both sides.

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