Mount San Gorgonio 11,499′ 6/3/2010 North Slopes Solo

After the unplanned day off and a few capsules of amoxicillin I was starting to feel better. I had arranged a day use permit for San Gorgonio before I left Denver. The thing was it was only good for the 3rd. So feeling better I geared up and went for it. This is a long trip at 14.2 round trip with 4600 vertical. It was a really nice solo. None of the skiing is hard and it was really cool not seeing a soul so close to so many. I was expecting to run into people for sure but I was alone all day.

The skiing was great and it was really nice to get the highest peak in Southern California done. I was actually pretty fast considering the distance with a summit time of 4:50 and 8:40 for the round trip. If your in the area this is a fun trip. The San Bernardino Mountains are beautiful. The next time I’m in the area I plan on trying to get Baldy or San Jacinto.

I shot video of this line but my hard drive failed yesterday. It’s at geek squad for recovery so if I get it back I’ll post it up.

Traffic. It's part of any vacation experience.
I guess the smog makes for nice sunsets
Hotel 4Runner
I like this tree
1st view of the peak
View of San Gorgonio from Dry Lake
San Jacinto from the summit
A view from the top
Good looking stuff

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