Bloody Mountain 12,552′ 6/1/2010 Bloody Couloir Rejected But Still Fun

Me and John met at the hotel at 5:45am to cloudy skies. We discussed our options and decided to call it. I went back to bed and woke up at about 10:30. As I was leaving town I thought it might be a good idea to see how far up the road to Bloody I could get. Maybe go for it maybe not. I called John back and his wife dropped him off. Up the road we went. We managed about 1000 feet of gain before we were blocked by snow.

W hiked and skinned back to the apron of the couloir where we eventually called it due to boot top slush. Neither of us wanted to see what it would be like in corn that deep on a 42 degree slope. we still managed about 3000′ of gain. Not to mention the fact that it’s wicked beautiful back there.

It was great meeting you John. Too bad the weather didn’t let us get this one done. It would have been a nice ski for sure.

After dinner I was heading out of town and got a call from my wife. Turns out my kids and myself had strep throat. Sweet, no wonder I was feeling like such shit. My plans for Langley were dashed. I needed a day off and some antibiotics. Off to Bishop I went.

As high as you can drive
I was captivated by this multi colored mountain
Laurel Lake
A look up the Bloody Couloir
As high as you can get when you start at 2:15pm
The skiing was decent, what we got of it
John photo slut extrordinaire

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