Mummy Mountain 11,528 Beautiful Couloir to Diagonal Couloir 5/30/2010

On the way up to Park County I got a call from Chris (cdlv on tgr) he was callint to invite me to do Mummy. I had planned to do Little Bear and Ellingwood, but wasn’t up for that solo. Then my plan changed to Shavano and Tabeguache. On Quandary I realized that my plans to try and get multiple peaks in a day in Colorado were not going to happen. The temps at night were just too warm. I called Chris back and told him that I was in. After Quandary me and Dan met up with the SkiLogic crew for some product testing for at A-Basin. Such fun skis. At 4pm I was on the road to Vegas. I arrived at 3am and got 3 hours of sleep before Chris and Oscar woke me up. Oscar had skied the route we were planning last Wednesday. The plan was to go up the Beautiful Couloir then hit the summit and ski the Diagonal Couloir. We made decent time to the snow. Things got interesting here with 2 waterfall sections to negotiate. These mere tricky but manageable. I pressed on to the dogleg of Beautiful and took a little break, while waiting for Chris. He made his way into view so I pressed on. Before entering the couloir proper I waited again. At this point Chris let me know that he had hurt his hip in the waterfall area. He was going to ski down and meet us in the Diagonal.Its so important to stay with your partners. Communication is vital to a safe outcome.

The Beautiful Couloir was nice and spicy. Id say the steepest section was about 52 degrees with an average of 45. I didn’t have crampons or an axe and was a bit gripped with just a whippet. But the bulk of it was soft enough to put in a good step. Once on top we hiked to the summit and met up with some crusty locals. The views were great. It so strange being in different mountains. Even the pine trees smell different. After snapping some pics we hiked down about 50 vert to the snow and strapped them on. We skied over to the entrance of the line and enjoyed nice turns down to the down climb to the Diagonal Couloir. This was also spicy. But the limestone of the Spring Mountains provided great purchase over the 80 foot cliffs. Once in the Diagonal it was sweet corn at about 42 degrees at the top and in thehigh 30s the rest of the way.

It was so fun getting out with you again Chris. Looking forward to next year. Great meeting you Oscar. Come visit sometime and I’ll show you around some Colorado mountains.

Such a cool zone
Heading up to the waterfall section
Looking up at the Beautiful Couloir
Oscar leading the way.
Such nice views
Sporty climbing in the couloir
Looking back down the coolie
Looking down the couloir from the top
Mt Charleston is on the hit list for this trip 🙂
Griffith Peak looks very nice

OK lets go skiing
The skiing off the top was good.
This was a fun section leading to a downclimb into the Diagonal Couloir
Some exposure on the downclimb
Oscar dropping into the Diagonal Couloir
I think this one came out pretty cool
Chris getting some
Diagonal on left and Beautiful Couloir on right.

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