Mount Sherman 14,047′ South Slopes and White Ridge 13,684 South Gully 5/16/2010

This is another mountain that I don’t have any surviving pictures for. I skied the East Chutes back in 95. This will serve as my TR for my 14er trip. Enjoy

Got out for a nice solo after a night spent dealing with a migraine. I was super slow fighting the effects of the pain meds that were still in my system from the night before. I cruised up the south slopes of Sherman then skied back down. I then made my way back up to White ridge and got some more turns. It was a bit late but the upper section skied great. I though the wind had preserved this gem from the ravages of the warm up. Further down it was a bit gloppy. At the choke in the second to the last pic you can see where I got sluffed. 3rd turn above the choke my sluff got me and flushed me through the choke. I should have been there an hour earlier and been going 20 mph faster. Oh well, no worse for the wear.

This warm spell should help things consolidate. Now lets just hope it freezes each night

Getting Ready to Ski
Look Back at Sherman
I Love Horseshoe
White Ridge has very cool rock
Skis are pointed to the line you want to ski
Below the steep upper section.
Look back at White Ridge
White Ridge from 4 Mile Creek Road

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