“Drift Peak” 13,900′ West Face 4/18/2010

Oh the pleasures of being a parent. My 2 year old brought me the pain last week. I had vomiting and diarrhea in insane quantities, first him and then me. It didn’t stop until Saturday when I took his older brother to Breck. When you make a promise to your kid you have to keep it, no matter what. Oh man was I hurting but I have to keep trying to get this thing done. I changed the plan and decided that the best thing to do was a couple shorter routes. That way if I shit my pants or puked my guts out I could make a quick retreat. I called up Darrel Haggard and made plans for this super fun looking line. At 3000′ vert and about 6 miles this was just what I needed.

I was feeling every foot of vert and farting up a storm. But we finally made it and am I ever glad that we did. The best run of the year for me with 6-8 of winter fresh on top of a nice consolidated base. Ski this line sometime, its a blast.

Mayflower Gulch offers such easy access

Looking at the line in the morning light

Nearing the end of the skinning
The ridge was fun
Darrell gets after it
The snow was primo
This one is my favorite
Such a fun line
Darrell can shoot pics too
I was having soo much fun here.
Options at the rib below
Darrell went skiers right of the rib
It was a bit boney but It looked good
Skiing fast through the sharks
In the clear with his angry knee
I opted for the line to skiers left of the rib. It was stellar narrow sluff riding.
The route from the Boston Mine


  1. I shoulda asked what you were up to and invited myself! Looks awesome! Dead Dog was moving by 9am. Went from TG to isothermic in a week. Skied a line off Kelso instead…

  2. Yeah its amazing how fast things have melted on the main solar aspects. In 2 weeks East and West Buffalo Peaks have gone from looking amazing to just barely skiable. This week should have minimal melt if the weather forecast holds, but the 2 snow days this weekend had a lot of blue sky and high temps. North is gonna be holding for months though so there is some hope. Working on that thing you wanted

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