Mt Buckskin 13,865′ South Face and Loveland Mountain 13,692′ East Bowl 4/12/2010

Sorry this is so late but I couldn’t get at my pictures due to the fact that I didn’t have any software to read the .nef files on my camera and had to get photoshop to convert my files to .jpeg. Anyway I got a call from Dan Medved about wanting to get out for a last trip with his buddy Nate before he moved to Alsaska on Tuesday. I’ve got plans enough for decades on my hit list but the Tenmile/Mosquito has been my focus this year. The other day on London Mtn we spotted an really nice looking line on Mt Buckskin’s South Face. The South Gullies of Loveland were also looking pretty good. The East Bowls of Loveland were in as well. It was going to be a long day. We started at the Buckskin Joe trailhead at the plows end of the Kite Lake Rd. The plan was to head up Kite Lake Rd to the North Ridge of Buckskin. Then drop in onto the South Face. Ski over to one of the Loveland Mtn gullies, boot up it and ski the South Gully on Loveland. We’d then hike back to the summit of Loveland and drop back into the Kite Lake drainage and our vehicles.

On the way up to the trailhead the night before I got a nice call from Brennan, who was just coming off a successful day on Little Bear. He was in as well. Our group was set.

We made decent time to the summit of Buckskin and had a sweet ski. The southeast facing stuff however seemed like it was heating up too fast to allow a safe ski of our other south facing line so we only got in 2 runs. Stats were about 10 mile and 4500′ vert. So it was still a good productive day. Nice meeting you Nate and good luck in Alaska. Dan and Brennan it was a pleasure getting out with you guys again. I’ll just let the pictures do the rest of the talking.



Messing around with the tripod. Looking at Windy Ridge.
Loveland Mountain from the trailhead
Time to get moving.
Mt Democtrat's South Slopes
Loveland Mtn (Left) Buckskin (Right) We were planning on skiing this side of Loveland.
Democrat and Cameron.
Close-up of Cameron looking very nice.
A look at what we saw from London Mountain. Had to come back for this one.
Dan getting after it
Nate having some fun
Finding some good snow
Looking back up at the line.
Onto the nice big thing. Keeping up with the Jones's I guess 🙂
Guinea pig gets really nice pow. Then Super Duper Hard Slab
Dan looking great
Great turns man
Coming out hot
Dan having some fun
It was a really nice day
Dan likes to ski fast
More soft snow

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