Summit Daily News – 10/12/2017 – Sperry: Musings on avalanches, prevention and the unforgiving wild

The latest column was inspired by the tragedy in Montana. If there’s snow on the ground you MUST factor in the avalanche issues. Please be safe out there and lets try and have an awesome winter.

As the years pass by, it seems to be a regular occurrence, the death of fellow mountain lovers to the mountains. Every year the mountains take us to heights of pleasure and depths of despair. We are elevated by their elevations and beauty. We are drawn to their majesty and blissful freedom. We are drawn to them for their savage power so foreign to our banal civilized existences. They are a place where dreams and nightmares exist. We are visitors in the wild. We are out of place in the wild and the wild is unforgiving.

Last Saturday, Oct. 7, two experienced alpinists, Hayden Kennedy of Carbondale and his girlfriend Inge Perkins of Bozeman, Montana, were involved in an avalanche incident, while skinning up Imp Peak in Montana. Inge was buried 3 feet under the snow and couldn’t be located by Hayden. She died. Hayden, unable to cope with his anguish over the loss, took his own life.

My thoughts go to their friends and family. They were well-known to many in the alpinist community. I did not know them, but many of my friends did and hearing about them on social media got me thinking hard about this dangerous game that we play. On a couple of levels, what went down in Montana has been on my mind for some time. This hits particularly close to home…

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