Summit Daily News – 9/29/2017 – Route Finder: Treasure the bonds of friendship forged in the wild

The new column for Summit Daily. I love having a place to express myself.

Time in the mountains with a friend or friends is so much more fun than going it alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice solo jaunt into the hills to clear one’s head and focus deep within. Sometimes when I have a really scary day planned I’d rather go alone so my focus is more acute. But those summit moments seem to mean so much more when they are shared. The bonds of friendship created in the wild are some of the strongest I’ve known in my life. Cultivating strong mountain partnerships should be a high priority for those that want to get out and play and push themselves in the hills.

Most of us are here because of the mountains. Take a friend and build on that commonality. You both want the mountains in your life, share that. Success is all about progression. We don’t just decide to do a 14er and pick Capitol as our first, I haven’t even done Capitol; hoping to change that this spring. No we start with some of the easiest first and work our way up to the most difficult. Each adventure is a step upward in the skills department and in the level of trust you share with your partner. That’s what it really comes down to; trust is the essential element that defines the strength of the mountain relationship…

Route Finder: Treasure the bonds of friendship forged in the wild (column)

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