Summit Daily News – High Gear: Reviewing Zeal Optics plant-based sunglasses 8/11/2017

I’d like to give a big thanks for the support that Zeal provides me and what I’m doing in life. They keep the mountains sharp and in focus.

High Gear: Reviewing Zeal Optics plant-based sunglasses

In Colorado, a good pair of sunglasses is one of the most important accessories you can have. I’ve had friends visit me over the years, and after not respecting the intensity of our sun in the mountains, they ended up regretting their decision the next day with puffy eyes and extreme sensitivity to light. Why? Due to the diminished atmosphere up here at altitude, the sun is stronger than at sea level. Add a reflective snow surface and we’re looking at UV and other sunray intensities well above the beach. Sunglasses have to work extra hard up here.

I’m really hard on my gear and sunglasses are no different. I don’t really leave the house without them. I also don’t use Croakies (they annoy me) and glasses fall off my head a lot, so they must be tough. Even when I’m not planning on getting into the hills, I’m ready to deal with any and all conditions that might get thrown at me. I generally veer to the polarized option for this very reason, but it’s also good for everyday life around here. Driving in dodgy conditions requires seeing through the haze that rain and snow can provide, and anything that helps you better see what’s going on around you on the highway is great in my book. The polarized lenses are also great for fishing — they cut through the surface glare and allow you to see the fish in a given pool.

Being a skier, I use my sunglasses mainly on the snow. I’m a big fan of amber, rose and copper lenses. Snow shadows are blue and colored glass gives more contrast to those blue tones by shading them in brown or black. Seeing what’s coming is very important, and so I stay away from the grey or blue tints because it’s more of the same. Plus, who doesn’t like looking at the world through rose-colored glasses?

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