Summit Daily News – Route Finder: Summer dryland training… 8/3/2017

Route Finder: Summer dryland training for ski bums means biking, rock climbing — and wild raspberries

Summer seems like it’s flying by this year. The monsoon is upon us and one never knows what the weather will do. Some days we awaken to sunshine and blue skies. Other mornings the clouds are low and eke their way over the Tenmile Range, stalling at the top and spilling slowly over the crest, like fog on the highlands — a misty mountaintop. This morning in early July, we were all shaken awake by intense thunder. Some days you can set your clock to the arrival of the 4 o’clock thunder, while other days it’s clear, or at least not raining. The raspberry bushes are starting to produce their bounty and their freshness bursts for those lucky enough to find them.

Winter is coming…

The nights are starting to get cold again and each morning I can’t help but think about the season to come. The gear guides will be arriving soon and the stoke is starting to build. The days are getting noticeably shorter and soon the snow will fly again. There’s still some snow to be found, but every year it seems like less that remains for summer skiing.

After arriving at Rollins Pass the other day, I was less than inspired to ski the dirty, frozen, egg carton “snow” that I saw across the valley. Uphill both ways for that? It seems like it’s a longer walk than before to make summer turns. The alternative is doing multiple laps on short mellow patches, so for now, it’s all about enjoying the hills with summer sports.

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