Galena Mountain 12,893′ Southeast Couloir 6/4/2017

I’ve been wanting this line for a long time and this year I finally got around to it. Katie messaged me and said she was looking for a partner for some skiing. This seemed like a good fit for her since the vertical wasn’t so huge but the distance was kind of far so it would still be a push.

The forest navigation after the road ended was pretty easy, just head northwest. From tree line we headed for the ridge since Katie had forgotten the ice axe and I had forgotten her crampons. No need to go into harm’s way without the proper tools. The ridge ended up being a little spicy but the views of the Northeat Bowl of Galena made it all worth it. At the final ridge section Katie had enough and the timing couldn’t have been better cause we were at the top of a sweet line.

I cut it and got a little wet reaction from the sluff that cleaned out a bit of the loose wet snow. Then it was on and we skied the couloir that topped out around 50 degrees but was mostly in the 40-45 degree range. Below the lake we saw a golden eagle and suffered through the forest and road. Way to tough out your first peak tour Katie. Looking forward to the next time.


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