Boundary Peak, NV 13,147′ Southeast Chute to Northeast Bowl 5/17/2017 – Plan B

The day after I came off Williamson I visited Manzanar the internment camp for Japanese Americans during World War II. This was a profoundly moving experience. It was really tough to see such a place under the slopes of the mountain I had just been on the day before. These poor people had their freedom taken away for their heritage. We always seem to succumbed to fear. I spoke with an older gentleman that was a child at the camp. The enormity of the grounds that housed 10,000 American citizens was hard to comprehend. The army said it was to protect them but the weapons were pointed inwards not outwards. Let’s hope we’re not on the same path with regards to other people that don’t look like “us”

After a couple weather days, the forecast finally started looking better. I headed over to Nevada and Leidy Creek to try and get White done. I awoke to cloudy skies and was pretty bummed out at the NWS point forecast. Well at least I now know where to go for White. I got to right where I was expecting to make it. Next time I’ll hit it first; on my way to the Sierra. I went back down the mountain and on to Dyer, NV for gas. As I was heading down the hill I noticed that the cloud deck might only extend part way up the mountain. I drove north towards Boundary and could see the northern Whites were clear. Up Trail Canyon Road I went. Finally at 9:53 I hit the trail with as light a setup as I could muster. I made good time to the snow, across the sagebrush and willows. At the snow I started skinning. The new snow had a wind affect to it and the winds were raging on the mountain above. As I went around a corner I came to some recent debris. Hmmm file that for later. I eventually couldn’t get purchase any more so I booted the rest of the way, finding some fun boulders to play on along the way upwards. At the top of the bowl I came to the top of the Southeast Chutes. These looked good but I was thinking hard about the debris. It looked like I could link it to the saddle in the Northeast Bowl. I pushed on for the summit and had lunch on top of Nevada. I took in the views of the North Face of Montgomery as well as it’s South Face. Dubois looked awesome as well. I guess I have a few reasons to come back. I think maybe an upper basecamp below Dubois.

I dropped in from the summit and skied the ridge down to the Southeast Gully. I entered with a fast ski cut headed for the rocks and got no result. I skied out of the direct fall line and enjoyed powder turns. A little ways down I headed for the next chute over and then on to the saddle. The winds were crazy that day and what I thought was wind ripple in the NE Bowl was actually rock hard boiler plate. Lower down it got good though. Then it was back to the sage for the exit. The willows at the bottom make the old Mount Bierstadt willows look like little bushes. Not a bad day on top of Nevada.

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