Mount Thompson 13,494′ Trinity Chutes 5/9/2017 Time to Flee

So I woke up at the springs in Mammoth at about 4am. I had packed the night before and I headed across Benton’s Crossing to try and Get White from the west side. I couldn’t find a way to do the drainage I wanted without trespassing and there were dogs so I just decided to shoot the sunrise. With no coverage I headed to Bishop to try and figure out what to do. I checked the book at the bakery and figured out a plan. I’d go for Mt Thompson and see what happened. I headed to the South Lake trailhead and got to Wier’s Lake a short distance down the road. I then made my way to the base of the chutes. Once I entered avy terrain I pulled off my headphones and started to focus. With all the new snow over the last 4 days I figured there might be some issues. At the apron I got a few steps out there and heard a whumph. I came complete with an inch drop. I was stunned and backed off. I dug a hand pit and found 75cm of new sitting on a weird layer. I didn’t have my glass so I’m not sure what it was but the shear was clean and fast. I got the hell outta there. Good to meet you Brooks and stoked you seemed to agree with my assessment as you got outta there too. Spooky conditions on north facing. Mt Muir is up next, time to get some rest.

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