Sony Vegas Pro 9 Video Editing Software

In an effort to enter the video TR realm I downloaded the demo version of Sony Vegas Pro 9. I’ve used it for 3 videos so far. I like the user interface. I like the ease with which you can blend different scenes and the addition of tracks of music couldn’t be easier. I’m just a novice at this point but the ease of use is making me think that I will get better very quickly. Rendering times don’t seem to be very long , though I have only done a few short clips.

Chopping the clips in the time line is very easy and the playback is easy as well. I messed around with some of the transitions and they seemed very smooth and professional. Being able to add photos is very important and this is also very easy. I need to get a microphone so I can add some commentary. I also am looking forward to mixing/mastering a multi song soundtrack. I have a feeling that this will also be fairly easy.

Well done Sony. I think you have a great tool to make some great videos. I’ll add more thoughts on this software as I use it more. Hope this is helpful

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