Bloody Mountain 12,544′ Bloody Couloir – 5/5/2017 – Redemption

After a tough day on Langley I took a day off and stretched the knee in the hot springs. Tendinitis in the IT band sucks and all that vertical hurt. But I know what I need to do with my body to keep going. I headed over to the trailhead after and set up to shoot the sunset over Ritter and Banner peaks. They call it the “Range of Light” for good reason. The sunset was beautiful.

In the morning I got a decent start of 6:40 and made decent time up to Laurel Lakes. The knee and IT band felt fine. From there I skinned up as much as I could. Then I just followed the old boot pack and Dan and Katy who I met on the way up. Thanks for the conversation and company ya’ll. The climb would have been a little easier with crampons as the booter was a little icy. At the summit I was struck by the beauty of the North Couloir on Red Slate Mountain. There are so many lines to ski in the Sierra. I’m blown away by this place and it’s soaring grandeur. There is so much beyond my current objectives. I’ll have to visit again and again. I’m ok with this.

We dropped in from the summit over the steep and rocky and traversed over to the skier’s left line, which had the first sun hit, hoping for soft corn. We shot some pics and enjoyed perfect snow for most of the line. Such a great line.

Afterwards it was time for more hot springs and stretching. With some really big days ahead I’m stoked at how my knee is responding. Getting old sucks but if you stay on it you can still keep getting after it. Nice to get this one done. Last time we got fooled by an inversion and got too late a start and had to turn around due to hot snow. It was totally worth getting back to this one for redemption.

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