2007 Rossignol B-Squad 184 Team

Originally posted 4-23-2006 on TGR Forum

So I scored a pair of these and had them mounted on the line with Freerides. This is not the ski that will be available next year in stores. That I believe is the 85 or 86 or something like that. When Dobish drilled them he said He got sawdust and It skis like it has wood in it. I have 3 days on them now. 3 peaks over 13800′. I’ve skied them in corn and about 6″ of pow. AWESOME SKI. I was skiing Monster 103s and have to say with the Squads when things change it’s not as much of a shocker. It’s also about a pound lighter per ski. In spring you never know what you’re gonna get up high and when iI hit a patch over super firm this ski held on well. Some bounce but I didn’t think I was going to slide off the cliff below me. If you have a way of scoring a pair of the team issue Squad 84s get some.

Additional thoughts now that I’ve skied these for a few years. This is without a doubt my favorite ski so far. It’s my go to ski for everything that doesn’t involve long approaches. The tip has enough softness to make turn initiation a breeze. The stability while tracking through any snow is great. It charges through crud and likes to ski very fast in pow. I’ve since put a 2 degree base bevel on it and that has improved the turn initiation even more.

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