Kit Carson Bail 4/10/17 Little Bear Bail – Baby Thunder Descent 4/12/2017 – It Doesn’t Always Go Your Way

After San Luis I headed over to Crestone and got in position of Kit. I got up early and hit the trail to Willow Lake. I made decent time but didn’t keep track. I made my way to the base of the OB Couloir and was greeted with drum sounds, some whumphing and poor pit results with a variable sized windslab that was pulling out pretty easily. Turning around was a no-brainer but having gone so far, it was still painful to put in so much work for naught. I got in about 1500′ of vertical on the descent. At the lake on the way down I paid my respects to Jesse. You are missed brother.

A coupe of days later me and Pat went for Little Bear. We hit the trail a little late but figured the forecasted winds would keep the slopes cool for us. We made great time to Lake Como, getting there in about 2:15. The north chute was a mix of wind ripple snow and a little wind slab at the top but it wasn’t reactive. At the end of the ridge traverse we hit the snow and realized that it was too warm. We got no wind that day and it was in the 60s at 13500′ We were sinking in to our knees from the start and with a couple hours before we’d be back through we discussed the possibilities of getting wet slid over the cliffs below. So we settled for Baby Thunder. The ski-in and down climbing option wasn’t really in so we opted to rap in, which was fun. The top of the chute was pow, the bottom was trap crust for skis and the apron was money. It was a fun day without a doubt, even though we didn’t get our main objective.

You give it a go and see. The goal of getting out is to visit the hills and come home. Each day may have an objective, and these objectives never supersede the aforementioned goal. You may fail in your objective but making it home after every tour makes these days a success in my book. We can also learn from why we came to these outcomes. What could we have done differently? There are questions we ask ourselves afterwards that help us grow and be better with our mountain craft. No line is worth pushing in bad conditions.

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