Vio Sport 1.5 HD POV Video System

Well I’ve decided to go ahead and get into POV. I figure that with the up coming big mountain season it will add something nice to the trip reports, especially the trips that I end up doing solo. After a bunch of research and looking at the quality of the the TGR videos I settled on the VIO SPORT POV 1.5 Video System . I paid for this myself and am in no way getting any hookup for this review.

Setup of the unit was very simple. Using the menu button you can control everything from the image quality to the mic levels to the brightness of the integrated screen. You can also view your movies on the screen, though this uses a lot of battery life. One draw back concerning this is that the fast forward button only does 2x, but I don’t really watch the movies on the screen anyway. The unit takes 4 AA batteries so keeping them fresh for shooting video is more important to me.

So far I have used this system on 2 trips. The first trip up Mt Helen provided about 1.5 hours of footage. I briefly tried to edit this video down on the provided Vio editing software but found it very cumbersome so I ended up editing with Sony Vegas Pro. I have to say that I was happy with the video quality as a whole, but feel that I need a lot more work on placing the unit on my helmet. The conditions were very bumpy and the detail was still very good. I’m interested to see how it does in smooth powder or corn. I’m also interested to see how it handles brighter conditions.

So the second day was up at Berthoud and I think I’ve found the position on the helmet that I like. I’m not sure if there is something loose in the mount or if my helmet shakes too much. I guess I just need to ski quieter. I like the video quality for sure. The unit turned off mid run though so I think I’m going to try the chest harness next time instead of the inside pocket method I was using. So far I’m really happy with it. I will update and upload more videos in the future.

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