Mount Victoria’s Secret Backside – 4/6/2017 – Hot Pow

Two nights before we got an amazing 6pm powder lap on J Chute. We were singing Trenchtown Rock breaking trail up and there were cold smoke giggles on the way down. The next day we drove through Tenmile Canyon to take a look at Joker’s Wild on Mt Royal. It looked in but a bit spicy. In the morning we drove thru one more time and were surprised at how much spicier it was. We settled on this route as Plan B but with the late start planned for the shorter Royal route we were a bit late on this line. HOT POW!

We made decent time to the first saddle after Mt Victoria proper and had to negotiate some sharks. We went through the upper trees and had really good snow. The bowl below was rocky but the leeward side, to skier’s left, held the goods. After this section the snow got a little weird. We tried to ski the north facing shots to get the softer snow. Lower down the snow got really hot. 3 to 4 foot pinwheels. If you kept the weight balanced between skis and didn’t try and edge too hard the skiing was fun, if you didn’t you were fucked.

This is a quality line with 2,400′ of great skiing and a fairly easy exit. The bike path exit is easy. With some colder snow it would have been all time. Gonna mark this one down for a repeat at the end of next winter.

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