Tenmile Peak 12,933′ – Big Mike Gully – 3/27/2017 – Finally!!

A few weeks ago me, Pat and Perry got into Sneaky Gully on Peak One. We got about half way up and didn’t like the conditions so much we didn’t bother completing the line. I started thinking about it the other day when we finally got some new snow. After skiing Loveland Pass yesterday and realizing that most of the snow was east of the divide I figured Big Mike would have enough snow to smooth it out and not enough to worry about if things got a little sloughy.

I called Pat and suggested a tour in the canyon. He was down and we met at 9am. We found the correct entrance and we made good time up the gully. I like it when my assumptions are correct. There were a few very firm sections but there was enough grip on these sections. Not too far up we came to the first and only real crux, a small waterfall that looked like it had hollow snow around it. We bypassed this to climber’s right, this was the only section of hollow faceted snow but with no slab issues we pressed on. We made it to about 400′ below the summit ridge. This was where the snow ended.

From a tree bench we switched to downhill mode. We looked over at Holy Cross and saw it was now covered in a cloud. We dropped in and yoyo’d down the line. Not bad for my third day on a new pair of RMU La Cabras. Nice to have a stiff ski to get an edge over the consequences. We managed to keep the skis on for the whole descent back tot he bike path. Such a fun line; long and consistent.

This season has been really fun. I’ve been trying to get this line done for over 10 years now. I wanted to put it in the Tenmile book and I did put it in the Teaser section. Nice to get it off my list. Persistence does pay off. Hope that I can keep ticking those teasers off the list.

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