Buffalo Mountain 12,777′ The Caldera – First Corn Line of the Spring – 3/15/2017

It’s kind of weird not having a book to work on for this coming fall. I’m feeling free in what I want to ski for the first time in a long time. There’s a lot I want to ski for me and this one out the backyard of Allison’s fit the bill. I’ve been wanting to get this line for a long time. After some rough north facing snow in Tenmile Canyon I figured why not go in search of corn. Spring has come a little early this year but hey this is Colorado we’ll get our spring storms; I hope.

I put out a call for partners on facebook the other day and Jamie responded, so he joined me and Ally. We made good time to the summit and didn’t mess around too much at the top. A few locals were giving us the stink eye at the top. They were horny and furry and generally better than most humans in steep terrain. I wish I was a mountain goat, that would be so cool.

We headed over to the entrance of the Caldera. I wasn’t exactly sure which line went through so we opted for the easier choice. The direct line was getting hot anyway so we made the right call. We skied one at a time down to the wind lip on top of the big cliff in the middle of the bowl. Here we regrouped and traversed over to the exit gully. On the way over a point release came down towards us. We scurried across to a safe spot below a cliff and skied the exit gully one at a time. Below this we had a few fun rolling sections. It can be tough to tell whether or not chutes go through in this zone. At the bottom we headed left into the trees and made our way back to the Buffalo Cabin Trail. We even got some powder in here.

Such a fun day and thank  you Allison and Jamie for a great tour. It was a blast skiing a line I’ve wanted to ski for over twenty years. Perhaps I should keep getting the lines I’ve always wanted, just for me.


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