Summit Daily News Column #8: Why backcountry guidebooks won’t kill skiing’s soul 3/9/2017

The most recent column in the Summit Daily News

Route Finder: Why backcountry guidebooks won’t kill skiing’s soul

The other day I was going through my emails and came across a post to my website/blog, I rarely have time to go through comments — most are spam for $10 Ray Bans and weight-loss deals, or occasionally $15 Nike Airs. (Yeah, I totally believe that.)

For some reason though, I clicked on this email and was pretty bummed out by what I found:

“What an (expletive)! The last thing we needed here on this over-populated Front Range is another guidebook! Why? So you can make a buck at the expense of the people who have been quietly exploring and skiing these mountains their whole lives and doing it the right way? Or is it strictly ego driven? Either way it’s really lame! Go ski and go home. Between social media and guidebooks, backcountry skiing is quickly being ruined, and anyone who disagrees doesn’t get it. Please take your ego and lame books back to the East Coast.” Signed, Keeping it Real…

Trying to keep it positive and the stoke levels high. Here’s to the opening of big mountain season.

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