Mount Victoria 11,785′ West Couloir 3/4/2017 – Second Try Was Money

You can’t always get it done on the first try. Sometimes you fail at strategy and decide to back off, like on our first attempt at this hidden gem. The first time around we tried to get it from the bottom up, I had been hoping to ascend the “protected margins but they were to choked by trees and too steep so we decided to leave it for another day. The second time around it was worth the effort to find it from above.

We dropped in off the true summit of Victoria after scoping out the ridge and where I thought the entrance was. We skied down the lee side of the ridge and the ridge itself. This was the spiciest zone of the descent. There were pillows to drop and steeps to traverse. We had to avoid some large cornices and ended up booting a section. Once we got to the rocky outcrop we dropped into the windward side of the ridge and the cliff’s edge. We were prepared to rap but we spotted a skiable entrance to the West Couloir.

The trees to skier’s left held the best snow. To skier’s right the sun had put a crust on it, we were too early to get corn on the west facing line so we stayed left for pow instead. The couloir is long at 1900′ and it ended up being just shy of 3000′ for the day. Thanks for a fun one Stephen and Anthony.

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