Summit Daily News Column #7 – “January 2017 was one of the finest months for powder skiing in years” 2/2/2017

The most recent column focuses on the amazing month we just had.

The last few days have been a respite from the maelstrom of deep winter. The sun has come out to shine down on six-plus feet of January snow and the winds have been going on and off. We haven’t gotten new snow for a while, but there has been plenty of wind transport in the hills. It’s been nice to wake up and see sunrise alpenglow on the surrounding peaks.

But it won’t last long. As I write this in the first days of February, the skies have reopened for business and I can’t see town. Now we can get back to the good life.


Thinking back on the past 31 days, I can’t help but laugh. What a month! This has to be one of the finest months of skiing I’ve ever experienced. It started slowly at first (as did the season as a whole), and I believe this late start came to our aid in a major way. With less early-season snow, Colorado had less of a rotting issue at the base of our snowpack than usual. We also had a lot of wind in December, creating a persistent slab issue, but after the first few storms of January the persistent issues were largely resolved by the weight of all the new snow… Click the link for the rest of the article

Gary Fondl in his happy place

Allison Seymour gets some powdah!

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