Summit Daily News Column #5 – Thoughts on Heuristics – 12/16/2016

Back to the column in the Summit Daily News. With the danger rose in the red as of late and a lot of close calls I felt like writing about something I’ve been seeing too much of lately. Click the link to read the rest of the article. Please set aside your agenda in the hills if the signs are telling you the stability isn’t good. Your objective will be there when it’s the right time. BE EXTRA CAUTIOUS OF AVALANCHE SLOPES ABOVE YOU, NEVER ASSUME SAFETY.

Route Finder: Making sense of fears, goals and human factors in the backcountry

Editor’s note: See the power of heuristics in action with a skinning trip to Quandary Peak, Breck’s hometown 14er.

We are only human. Our whole existence is one giant human factor: We hold dreams, ambitions, desires, passions, fears, doubts, love, joy, hate and myriad other creations of the mind. As singular entities, the world is the sum of our perceptions. Each of us has to make choices, from what to wear, to what to eat, to where to live and how.

These choices — and the results of the actions we take following them — impact our lives and shape who we are. From our earliest moments we seek to understand the world. It begins as children: We fail attempting our first steps, learn from the experience and, more importantly, adapt to succeed.

This process plays out through life in every facet, from walking to backcountry skiing. We develop our passions and strengthen our fears through the pleasure and pain of experience…

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