Shades of Winter – Between – Ski Film Review

The other day I went to the US premiere of Shades of Winter’s new film Between. presented by Spyder Active Wear and Allied Feather & Down. Here are my thoughts…


Skiing fills your dreams. I’ve known this for a long time. The more you do it the more you want to do it and it begins to border on obsession. You start thinking about objectives and begin to long for that adventure of getting those objectives done. Shades of Winter – Between embodies these sentiments and does it from the perspective of some of the best women skiers in the world while combining beautifully shot footage.

My personal hitlist is extensive, and almost all the zones featured in the movie are on it; from Mauna Kea to Haines to the Matterhorn and New Zealand’s Southern Alps and even Sweden. It was really cool from my perspective to see these talented women go after some of my own goals. Inspiration comes from many sources in life. The lineup is nothing short of just that; truly inspiring. The movie follows Sandra Lahnsteiner as she goes after her personal hitlist. Along the way she hooks up with Olympic Champion Julia Mancuso, big-mountain freeride champions Matilda Rapaport, Nadine Wallner and Janina Kuzma as well as upcoming freeskier Evelina Nilsson and WSL World Champion surfer Carissa Moore. Between them they flow through water in both its states; frozen and liquid. It looks like they all had a blast.

The bonds of the mountains bring people together in ways I haven’t experienced anywhere else in my life. Since the movie features exclusively women one might call this bond sisterhood, I know nothing of this but I do know friendships that are so deeply rooted because they were born in the mountains or forged in adventure. The movie really chronicles those bonds along with deep pow, sweet spines, big airs and beautiful light.

Not all of our endeavors in the mountains succeed. I really appreciate that these women include some of their decision making into the movie. It shows humility and the painful reality of striving for your objectives and the need to always be listening to whether the mountains will allow you to pass. They say if you want to reduce your avalanche risk bring a woman with you into the backcountry. These women show this to be true. However throughout the movie we are reminded that even given the best choices, intentions and experience, the mountains can be truly unforgiving.

I really enjoyed this film and look forward to their next release. I’m inspired by the grace these women bring to the mountains. Strength is beauty and it was awesome seeing that strength on display in such a beautiful production. I feel inspired, now if Colorado could just get some snow…#inspirelikematilda



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