Summit Daily Column #4: Learn to read Mother Nature’s many faces in the High Country 9/9/2016

The most recent column came out in the paper today. Here’s a snippet and you can follow the link to the rest of it.
Summit Daily Column #4 Autumn


The nights are getting cooler and the first snows have fallen. There is a change in the air — the county smells differently than just a few weeks ago. We’re still getting some warm days as of late, but with the arrival of the new season’s gear guides the stoke level is ramping up. What will winter bring this year? Hopefully powder bliss is just around the corner.

Fall is hard for me to truly enjoy. It’s the most aesthetic of our seasons: the flittering aspen’s golden shimmer offers a stark contrast to the greens of Engelmanns and lodgepoles and the reds of alpine soil rich in iron oxide. But, coat the mountains with a frosting of early season snow and it’s hard not to long for what’s to come. Some say fall is the end of the cycle of life that summer sustains. I feel it’s the beginning of what sustains me: a re-emergence of the snowy life. Hopefully it comes sooner than later…

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