Peak 10 13,633′ Fourth of July Bowl 7/4/2016

After 4 days of crappy weather and no viz up high the weather broke and I found myself in Wildernest. Seemed like a good idea to go to Breckenridge for the summer classic. We drove to the snowbank above the chairlifts on Peak 9 and started hiking from there. When I first did this route some 23 years ago I think I saw 4 other people that day. Times they have changed in these parts, now there were over 100 people getting the classic route done. It was a trip seeing so many people in the backcountry and its always nice to run into friends on the hill. Great seeing you Reid and Rob.

The snow was bumped out and a little thin at the upper choke but it was soft and forgiving.

Afterwards we went to Carter Park to hang with friends racing in the Firecracker 50

Happy ‘Merica Day

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