Paiute Peak 13,088′ – Southeast Face – 6/29/2016 – Got Back to Get it Done

The day after skiing Apache and Navajo lines I went up to try Paiute. That didn’t go very well as I had a zipper failure on my pack. Not wanting to have my gear strewn across the face I bailed and got a new setup. 9 mile training walk I guess. With the new BCA Stash 30 in hand I went back up and beat my time from the previous attempt by almost an hour. Pics are from both days as I wasn’t messing with the camera much the second go around. This is a fun line with some gaping crevasses/moats and its twisting nature over some big cliffs makes it cool too. Not too steep I’d say it maxes out around 48 degrees.

The summit of Paiute is really cool and takes a little work to get to.


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