East Jasper 12,900′ Northeast Bowl and “Diamond Hill” 12,040′ East Slopes – 6/24/2016 – Alone Time

After North Arapaho it seemed like a good idea to save on gas and just stay put and stay in position to get East Jasper and another line that I skied part of when I skied Jasper’s Snow Leopard. I got up nice and early and headed up the trail to the Diamond Lake Trail junction. I took Diamond Lake Trail and should have taken it all the way to the bridge. Instead I bushwhacked up the valley and had a very cold and refreshing stream crossing. If I’d taken the bridge I could have avoided the water; at least I didn’t swim. I made my way up to the basin below the Northeast bowl and admired the lake. While going around the lake I saw some airplane wreckage. It wasn’t until I got to the other side of the lake that it dawned on me that someone probably died there. I took a moment to ponder that.

At the top I dropped in and skied the bowl. After a quick cut I got the snow to move a little bit in the thin choke area. The thicker areas were fine. The mid 30 degree line was fun to ski fast. I snapped a couple pics and moved on down the ridge to “Diamond Hill”. That’s my name for it as it’s above Diamond Lake. I skied the lower section of it when I got Jasper before but the tops was worth going back for and the line is worthy of inclusion. The lower section tightens up through some treed chutes. This time I found the Diamond Lake trail and had an easier tie getting out.

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