Radiobeacon BM 12,072′ “Frosty” 12,000′ and “Sprint Peak” 12,110′ – 6/21/2016 – Snow is still holding on

After  great tour to the Crater Lake zone I took a day off and just relaxed. I feel like I’ve gotten what I need for the Grand County portion of the book. Time to move to the east side of the range. I had hoped to get it all without the approach by doing the traverse but we all know how that worked out. Time to embrace the approach. For Radiobeacon that mean bushwhacking and wet feet. It’s only 1.5 miles but damn it’s tough. You also need to embrace the posthole. Finally I got to treeline and made my way up the east ridge of Radiobeacon. I summited out and took a look at the options to chew them over while I went to visit Sprint and skied Frosty.

With stable weather it’s fun to hike along the divide. I visited Sprint’s summit and saw a lack of lines so I went back to Frosty. At the top of Frosty I watched a coyote snake my freshies, not that slushy suncups are freshies. The ski of Frosty was fun and I made y way back up to Radiobeacon.

I chose poorly for my line. I took the chute closest to the summit and got cliffed out. But it was still a fun ski over some large cliffs so the turns felt like they were important. After a spicy scramble I made my way to more snow and skied down to Forest Lakes. Then I headed back into the trees. It’s important to note that the USGS toopo map for this zone is wrong; you can see the issues on Google Earth.

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