UN12,393 Iron Creek Couloir 6/16/2016 – Such a Gem – Big Eyes minus the approach

After a day off in Denver to regroup and shift gears I headed up the evening before to camp. I was planning on riding up St Louis Creek Road but they finally had the gate open, figures. On the way in it was clear the summit shot had melted out; too bad the snow was too hot the last time I was in the Iron Creek drainage.

The bushwhack was two miles but it felt like twenty. There was what seemed like an old trail above and to the north of the creek, but there was so uch deadfall it was a bit rough to follow. Near the chute I left the woods at I got an awesome cut on my leg. I started up the chute and move one chute west for the ascent to the ridge. The ridge was nice and bouldery. There were multiple chutes still in, I gotto the first one and was stoked. I liked the next one even more. The third one not as much and then I got to the one I skied. The summit was steep and offered great views of the zone. I saw a chute I’d like to go back to at the head of Lunch Creek.

I made my way back to the line of the day and it was money. Mellow at first it tightened up quick and the narrows were icy and steep at around 50 degrees. After that it opened up wide and the total vert was around 1500′, I managed some extra vert on the flats on the way out.

I wouldn’t have found this line if I’d stayed on the traverse. Gotta focus on book lines then I can do the traverse when the weather lines up just right.

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