Berthoud Pass to Moffat Tunnel Traverse plus Jenny Lake Bowl 6/11-14/2016

Well this didn’t go as planned. I was originally hoping for a traverse from Berhoud to Wild Basin. Again the weather had it’s way with me. I felt like the entire experience was a lesson in futility. My goal was to do a light mostly solo traverse across the Front Range, skiing as many lines as I could along the way. Yes weather would be a factor but if things played out the way they normally do i could ski in the am and cover ground in the pm. Well the first day I got in 4 lines, the next day I got in two and avoided the storms the rest of the day. Day 3 was really tough in that the storms came at 9am and kept up all day. It was that evening that I met Allison for a resupply and was having serious doubts.

The next morning was the last straw with 70mph winds and the prospect of a 20 mile day to keep on schedule. Then there was the skiing factor. With all the weight of a 5 days supply of food skiing steep lines was just plain scary. I called it then and rearranged the schedule to get in some other lines that I knew would be gone after the travere was done. I think I made the right call.

It’s important to do what you love well. I felt like I wasn’t doing anything well. Routes for the book were getting missed and I was going around the very ridge I was trying to traverse. Another time perhaps.

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