Wheeler Mountain North Face 13,690′ 5/25/07

Transfering trip reports from TGR to my new site

Well this is a little late but It was a fun day and now that I’ve finally got all the pics I thought I’d share it with ya. When we did Fletcher the week before We saw an awesome looking line on Wheeler and had to go get it. The approach was short and the vertical gain was only 3000 feet so it seemed like an easy day for sure.

Wheeler Mountain is one of many mountains in the western US named after Captain George Montague Wheeler (born Grafton, Massachusetts, October 9, 1842) who was a pioneering explorer and cartographer, leader of the Wheeler Survey, one of the major surveys of the western United States in the late nineteenth century. He graduated from West Point in 1866, ranked sixth in his class, and he was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the US Army Corps of Engineers. His first exploration was in 1869, when Wheeler was 27 years old, and on the staff of the Commanding General of the Department of California of the US Army.

In 1872, the US Congress authorized an ambitious plan to map the portion of the United States west of the 100th meridian at a scale of 8 miles to the inch. This plan necessitated what became known as the Wheeler Survey, lasting until 1879, when the survey, along with the King and Powell Surveys, were terminated and their work was reorganized as the United States Geological Survey.

George Wheeler retired from the Army in 1888 and died in 1909.

Wheeler Peak in Nevada (part of the Great Basin National Park), Wheeler Peak in New Mexico (the state high point), and the scenic Wheeler Geologic Area in southern Colorado are also named for George Wheeler. (thanks wikipedia)

Homi and I met up and we cruised up to Keystone to get Summit.
We made great time to the base of the coulie where thing got steep fast. Enough words Let’s get to the pics. Aaron took a ton of great pics.

Other Side of the Lake

Heading Up


A little mixed climbing for homi. Too sketchy for me thank you. These were the consequences of falling on the upper portion
Get it


In the Upper Bowl

Topping Out

The last 3 were taken by Homi

On to the skiing. Homi drops in first

Homi 1

Homi 2

Homi 3img_9593copy

Homi 5

Aaron’s turn

Aaron 1Aaron 2

Aaron 3Aaron 4

Last 3 pics by Homi

Now its my turn

Fritz 1Fritz 2Fritz 3

Fritz 6

This was a super fun trip and one of the best lines I did all year but I really need to rest my foot so I’m pretty much done for the summer. I might get in a day or two but I gotta get the house ready for our baby come September.

Great getting out with you guys again. Homi thanks for a great season

See ya next winter

Here’s a look at the route from the summit of Fletcher Mountain


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