“Quandary Peak in May: A day of skinning and skiing Breckenridge’s 14er” by Phil Lindeman – Summit Daily News

Got out with the Phil Lindeman, the sports editor for Summit Daily News and skimo athlete Teague Holmes.  Phil wrote up a great article about it for today’s paper. Honored to have been invited to join you Phil, and it was great to finally meet you Teague, let’s get out and do it again guys. Maybe next time we can progress it up a notch.

Click the link below for the whole article:

Or, to be more accurate, they slowed me down. Lesson one of the backcountry is humility and I quickly learned it with my partners. Holmes and Sperry are no strangers to this kind of rugged travel: New York native Holmes finishes with pro skimo racing in February and spends most of April, May and early June touring the routes in his backyard, while Bronx-born Sperry wrote the book on Tenmile touring. Literally: His 2012 guidebook, “Making Turns in the Tenmile-Mosquito Range,” is the only comprehensive print guide to 42 peaks and nearly 60 ski routes between Frisco’s Mount Royal and Buena Vista’s West Buffalo Peak, including six 14ers, from Quandary and Sherman to the foursome of Mounts Democrat, Lincoln, Cameron and Bross.

“The best mentality is to have humility: humility with the people you join and humility for the mountain,” Holmes says after checking his watch once more. “I like to go into it with justified confidence. You always know there will be risk, but if you’ve evaluated everything that can go wrong and shown the mountain humility, you can be safe….”


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