Ben Lomond Peak 9,711′ – Good times in the Northern Wasatch 1/10/2016

After spending too much time in the Salt Palace for the Outdoor Retailer show I was in need of some alone time. The first night it snowed a decent amount up at Alta, or so I heard. However the idea of Wasangeles wasn’t too appealing. I was looking to get away from the crowds. I was drawn to the Ogden area for my love of hot springs but I couldn’t tell from the internet whether the springs were still open. You never know till you go though so that’s just what I did. I headed up to the trailhead and camped. At about 1 am I woke up in a sweat and promptly emptied my stomach of the MacDonalds that I had for dinner. Feeling much better I went back to sleep at least until the other groups arrived.

I started up the mountain at about 9am. I made great time for a guy off the couch. In my excitement I forgot my water but luckily had a half liter of three week old Gatorade. It didn’t smell bad so I guess it would work. I ended up getting about 4000′ of vert in 2 1/2 hours. Pretty good for off the couch or more accurately off the kitchen line. It’s so good to be out of the kitchen and back to what I love. Axios in Denver was a great restaurant and being Sous Chef there was an honorable pursuit but I’m a skier not a chef. It’s been a tough 8 months and especially tough after we were on Food Network. But that phase is over now and this solo was just what I needed to put myself back in the right mindset.

I reached the summit ridge amid pea soup skies. I debated what to do. Should I push on for the summit or ski. It looked like the summit pyramid was going to be pretty spicy. I wasn’t sure it was the best thing to do. As if on cue the viz got better and I could see the line. My decision was made and I went for the pow. It was so good with about a foot of new.

Sore and tired I headed for my Utah tradition of In N Out Burger. Then it was time to head back to Colorado.

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