Woods Mountain 12,940′ Urad Bowl 4/10/2015

Got up early for a quickie in the neighborhood. Me and Allison met up with Kevin and we headed up to the Ruby Gulch trailhead. The trailhead is recently reopened following the construction at the mine. There is a new parking area just below the trail. Use this and park all the way off the road. We headed up the trail with the intention of checking out a line on Parnassus and then heading up the east slopes of Woods. That’s exactly what we did and were treated to sweet skinning and moderate booting. Once at the top we headed across the ridge to our line. The skiers left side of the bowl gets more snow from cross loading. It was loaded nicely and skied very well. There’s a hard layer under the new but the bonding was alright. The skier’s right of the ski line had a little bit of a wind slab that we avoided. As long as you weren’t turning too hard the slope skied great. Back at the ride by noon. Plenty of time before picking up the kids at school.

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