Prairie Mountain 10,686′ – East Glades – Ute Pass Storm Laps 2/21/2015

With the big snow in the forecast we decided to head up Friday night and avoid the I-70 shitshow that is Saturday morning. It didn’t work in our favor though, I-70 was closed as we got on in Golden so up 285 we went. The storm was raging over Hoosier Pass and we went and did some business in Breckenridge. Then we met up with Mike and Bryan and headed up Ute Pass to set up camp. Ah winter camping, it is different. Friday night was easy but after a bunch of laps in a snowstorm and then managing temps afterwards Saturday night was less fun. It’s really the waiting game of going to bed. Once you’re in your tent it’s nice and warm, anyway I’m rambling. The skiing was what I was hoping for as we were in a new zone. The east trees of Prairie were stacked with snow from the northwest flow and there was almost no wind. On our third lap we were skiing about 16 of new. It’s not steep terrain but there are sections to be careful around, the creeks have some steep banks.

The next day we hit up Victoria. We had planned to go for another line on Ute Peak but thought the viz wouldn’t be very good. The snow in J Chute was less deep but plenty stable. The spacing over there is just money.

Enjoy the pics đŸ™‚

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