A Condensed Week in January 20-25th,2015 Victoria, Dry Gulch, Bottle Peak and Berthoud

Got some skiing in this past week. First day was up on Victoria, the next day we hit Dry Gulch. We took a day off for working and then headed up to Grand County. We had a late start and did Bottle Peak with a ski of Bottle Pass. Night time exits are the price to pay for being in the alpine at sunset. The beauty is well worth the price. The next day we went up the other side Bottle Peak into Deadhorse Gulch. The snow those four days was money but the winds were picking up.

Day five brought us to Berthoud Pass after waking up to a low cloud deck and high winds. We did the 3 valley tour from the summit. The last run into First Creek had the best snow but the wind had made things pretty heavy. We need a refresh.

Here’s a video and some choice shots from the day. Be sure to check it out in HD. Thank you Bloomie for putting us up and thanks to Allison, Gary, Zack, Yuki, Nate and Mike for coming along for the fun.

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