Mt Bethel North Saddle Gully and Herman Gulch Trees 1/13/2015

After dropping off the kids at school we headed up to meet Gary Fondl and Justin Ibarra from Oz Snowboards along with Justin’s friend Nate, Allison rounded out the crew. The goal was a mellow tour with low 30 degree terrain. If it looked good up high we were going to see but the weather was cloudy so we stayed low. With all the high pressure of late the alpine has been doable. After grabbing the gully line we headed up to ski some steep tree chutes. We had trouble finding them on the traverse so we got in an extra lap. The steep trees were super fun and mostly stable. Digging illuminated that the more open areas might be an issue so we skied the tight lines where it was steep.

There’s other terrain on Bethel that I think I’ll be visiting in the near future.

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