Castle Peak 14,265′ North Face 6/14/2014 – Smooth Snow

So we headed up to the Stevens trailhead looking to get in some lines on Edwards but upon arriving at the trailhead we found less than full lines. So we decided to just head for Aspen and our goal for the next day. We got up at 5am and geared up. After a quick creek crossing in the truck we got the gear ready and made our way up into the alpenglow filled peaks. We made our way up the Montezuma Road and took some snowy short cuts where we could. We were making pretty good time but with all the booting in shoes Allison had some cold feet issues, then some nausea issues. We decided that I’d head up for the summit and she’d wait at the pond and if she started feeling worse she’d head down. Well she started feeling better so up she went.

I summited and took some pics then dropped in. I was stoked to see her coming up the face so after about 700′ of vert I threw the skis back on the pack and headed back up to the summit. So proud of you for not giving up and getting it done. I know how satisfying it is for you to do that.

Then we skied the remainder of the snow and headed to the Snowmass Mammoth Music Fest. Such a nice weekend and stoked on the YetiBeti ticket win by Allison. Gonna keep skiing till the snow stops being so good.

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