Mount Elbert 14,433′ Box Creek Cirque 5/18/09

Went for a nice little trip today. Started at the North Elbert TH and went up the North Ridge. Turned a little early up the ridge and got a bit off trail but it all worked out with a little bushwhacking.

It was nice to have some alone time, but I was really surpised to not see anyone on Elbert all day. It was like climbing a 14er 20 years ago.

I was able to ski off the summit for about 20 vert. Then walked 5 feet with skis on and skied continuously to the bottom of the cirque.

Except for the skiing I had shoes on the entire trip. Hope some of the photos give you guys some beta.

Finally a view of the Box Creek Cirque

Mt Oklahoma

Deer Mountain

Grizzly I think

Massive to the Far Right

Panorama from Quail to Massive. CLICK IT


Off the Top

Box Creek Panorama. CLICK IT



  1. Way to go get it before its gone. Some good beta in here. Looks like N Massive is in!

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