An Iceland Photo Essay – Waterfalls, Food, Beer, Sights, Art and More 4/7-17/2014

A journey to a far off land is always an adventure. Iceland delivers adventure with no doubt. You’ve seen the skiing that we were able to get done. The weather this trip had a mind of its own but we don’t just travel for goals, turns and summits. The experience of existing in a place unfamiliar is what drives us to leave our comfortable confines of home. The Icelanders that we met were friendly and warm. They showed a beautiful pride in their land and their history. That history was evident everywhere and made the place even more special. It’s a wild and mysterious place filled with the history of the Vikings.

The food and the beer were great. The Brennivín or Black Death as is known is deadly. I didn’t try the putrefied shark but I did eat puffin and whale. The traditional plokkfiskur was awesome. The lamb and sheep were amazing.

I’m looking forward to coming back to this really beautiful place. Perhaps the next time it will be enroute to home when I can check what the weather is doing so I can get some of those lofty goals done.

Enjoy the pics and take a few minutes to read the captions.

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