Kaldbakur 1173m South Slopes – More Weather Returns – 4/14/2014

After a sweet light show and skiing the day before we arose to more clouds and the winds had completely changed. Since we’d arrived the winds had been out of the east, the prevailing pattern I’m told. This morning the winds were out of the southwest. The skies were patchy but more cloudy than the morning before. The cloud deck was fairly low and there was intermittent rain and snow. We were jazzed and really wanted to ski something. But we didn’t want to get into anything too tough as the cloud deck might drop and finding our way through the clouds in dangerous terrain wouldn’t be a great idea. We needed to make our way across the country anyway so we just headed towards Akureyri and looked for a line that would fit what we were looking for.

We settled on Kaldbakur as the access was easy out of Grenivik and the angle was moderate. When we arrived the viz was decent but the light was pretty flat. It would keep getting worse as we made our way up. About 200′ of vert from the summit the cloud deck dropped and we decided to turn around. There was no viz at all for about 500′ of vert. We were literally snowplowing down our skin track but we couldn’t see it. We could however follow our pole plants along with the compass bearings that I had taken along the way. Once we could see, the skiing was actually pretty excellent with nice corn for over 2000′ of vertical. We even found a short steep section to play on.

Once back at the Subie we headed across the country to the East Fjords and a yummy reindeer burger for dinner. The drive across was really cool but we kept saying how weird it was that this two lane road was the best highway in the country.

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