Siglufjorðor Heli Laps with Irwin Guides 4/13/2014

Before we went to bed after a nice visit to the hot springs I was surfing Facebook in the bar at the hostel. Reggie Crist put up a picture of a group of people riding ponies and I recognized the background as the same one near the lighthouse that we’d seen a few days before. I immediately messaged him to ask whether he was the group that was filming while we were there. We they still around? Hmmm. The weather forecast was looking good for tomorrow. Bettter get some sleep and see what happens.

The alarm went off and I checked my messages. Reggie had gotten back to me with “Come fly with us”

After a quick breakfast we made our way from Akureyri up the coast to Siglufjorðor. There are three heli ops operating out of the North Fjords, Arctic, Viking and Irwin. Reggie was flying with Irwin and they were basing out of Siglune Guesthouse while their lodge further south was being worked on. We met with Steve and talked money and got introduced to Megan the logistics guide. This was super cool because Megan was an old friend from back in CB and it was too cool to see her after 16 years. Such a trip running into an old friend in a far away land.

We figured out the details and waited for the weather to clear a little. We got some amazing laps with the upper half offering about a foot of new and the lower half offering up some creamy goodness. It was super cool getting to join Allison on her first heli ride and her first heli laps. Firsts are always good especially when you’re skiing pow. It was so sweet to get in exactly what we came for. Beautiful line from the summit to the ocean. To get it in soft snow and to be reunited with an old friend just made it that much more awesome.

After our laps we headed to the tavern and got some more plokkfiskur and enjoyed some yummy beers. While enjoying it the guides came in and we watched Sammy Cohen and the Stellar Media crew rip a line on the peak we’d just skied. Afterward we head back to our lighthouse of serendipity and set up the tent for what we hoped would be a clear night and some aurora action. It was pretty cold that night but after shooting till 2am I called it a night and tucked into my sleeping bag totally happy with what the day had given us.

Thanks for such an awesome day Reggie, Allison, Megan, Steve and Will. This is what we were hoping for when we planned this trip.

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