Mývatn – A Beautiful Hot Spring 4/12/2014

With another weather day we decided to head for the hot springs and see what the north central part of the country was like. The main highway that heads around the island is pretty cool, though we would discover not in the best of condition. For the drive from Akureyi it would suffice just fine. Along the way we got really hungry and stopped stopped for hot dogs at the gas station. They were amazing. They ad a yummy mustard mayo sauce along with ketchup but what sets them apart is two fold. The buns and dogs are grilled and they put fried onions in the the bun. This is so tasty.

Fueled, at $80.00 usd for a full Subaru tank, and back on the road we headed for the springs. We made a quick pitstop at Goðafoss. It’s really close to the road and totally worth the stop. From there we beelined it to the hot spring. The place is beautiful. It feels somewhat like sitting on the moon. After a relaxing soak we headed to a cool hot spring cave.

Afterward we drove back to Akureyi and got a room at the Backpackers Hostel We splurged and got a room as the dorm was sold out. It was a sweet day even if we didn’t get to ski.

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